Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working With Your Coach

The best way to work with a book coach is to offer a scene or a couple of scenes as a starting point, and consult together on how to improve specific aspects of your storytelling. Or you could bring an outline of your story, and work together to refine your character arc, or identify and highlight key themes or other recurring elements.

A one- or two-hour session with a book coach can work a number of ways, depending on your own learning style:

* A quick lecture on one aspect of the craft, followed by specific examples or exercises
* Hands-on work
* Brainstorming together
* Reviewing your outline and experimenting with it to nudge particular elements further
* Reviewing a sample of your work, identifying key areas for improvement, and practicing
* Identifying key areas for improvement and identifying the resources that will help you

I excel in hands-on work with a client and in synthesizing much of what has been written and tried in the craft of storytelling to help you identify approaches that will work for you.