Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daniel Fusch, Book Coach

A skilled teacher and a young, dedicated book coach, I thrive in helping other writers hone the skills needed to bring their characters alive on the page. I excel not just in critique but in coaching - in helping you discover both where you need to push your writing and what strengths will carry you there. A session with me is intensive, tailored to your goals and needs, and effective.

As writers, you face two significant challenges. One is getting published, without your manuscript being tossed into an editor’s slush pile. The second challenge: Getting readers. The largest obstacle to getting an editor, agent, or any other reader excited about your book is when they just don’t care enough about your characters and their problems.

The first key to writing (and marketing) a compelling story is to write characters that your readers care about. To do this, you need to understand what makes your character tick, and you need to write in such a vivid way that your reader gets to live that character’s life.

I will help you learn and practice skills that will aid you in developing powerful characters so that your story comes alive and stays alive with each page turned.

Interested, but uncertain of the value of a book coach? Contact me. Let's test whether this would be a good fit by having coffee and talking about your writing, your goals, and what you would most like to improve or learn.

Please peruse this blog to learn more about my services, my philosophy, and about book coaching in general.

Daniel Fusch