Wednesday, August 19, 2009

About Me

I look forward to getting to meet you over coffee - but here is a little about me in the meantime.

When I am not book coaching, I can be found at work on a novel (likely scribbling on the back of a receipt while waiting at a red traffic light), or teaching a writing course at a local college, or a class at my local church. I also work fervently at a Colorado-based firm that provides high-quality training for leaders in higher education. My two great passions are storytelling and education.

In liesure, I enjoy haiku, good stories in whatever genre I find them, travel, the study of ancient languages, dancing, and live music. I love classical violin and country. I have a deep love of gardening - but absolutely no skill at it. There is just something about the warmth of dark, freshly turned earth in my hands. I am a lapsed recreational rock-climber. A child of a small dairy farm, I am ill at ease in the city where there is much white noise and few stars visible, but fortunately in Colorado the mountains are always near. Though I would likely be happy in a quiet home outside Anchorage, my wife loves the city, and often finds ways to share the romance of the city with me.

So I live in Denver, CO with my beautiful wife, who is a skilled photographer and beauty consultant. You can see her art at Seaelven Studios.

I would identify my core values (those by which I live and strive to make decisions) as:


My private ambitions include establishing myself as a novelist, mastering Greek and Hebrew, and living a life of mentoring and teaching until my last breath.

Daniel Fusch